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What is SCANit?

SCANit International is a division of APARA Systems Inc. APARA simply put is an Advanced Purchase And Reporting Automation System. SCANit makes it easier to count inventory, place orders and analyze your business than ever before.

With our ruggedized scanners and patent pending software you simply scan the inventory you have in stock and SCANit will calculate all inventory items that need to be replenished and place those orders automatically for you through all of your suppliers. SCANit will also verify those orders were received by the supplier and track order history and price changes as well as create costs analysis by category, supplier or individual products along with graphs for easy to see trends.

All this is done through our patent pending software in a fraction of the time it would normally take you. Once you see SCANit in action and all the time and money you will save the big question you will have is how did you ever manage without it.

Why choose SCANit?

  • » Vastly reduce inventory and ordering time
  • » Reduce errors in inventory and ordering by scanning actual UPC codes
  • » Inventories will always have correct 'real time' values
  • » Reports automatically track and graph any price changes, allowing you to make informative decisions and stay on top of your business with very little effort

SCANit Feature Overview

  • » Our patent pending software enables you to customize it to suit your business
  • » SCANit is directly integrated with major suppliers' ordering systems
  • » Never update inventory prices from major suppliers again, as prices are in real time
  • » SCANit will generate a uniqe UPC code for any product that does not have one
  • » Price Tracking monitors and reports the change of price on any product in an easy to read reports
  • » Graphs show changes over user-defined time periods
  • » SCANit scanners are cordless and "ruggedized" meaning they work in -20°C (-4°F), are water resistant and can be dropped onto concrete repeatedly from 6 feet
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